Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Presidents Trivia Sale

The only thing better than a Presidents' Day sale is a sale on presidents! For a short time only, Thank a Teacher is offering our brand-spankin'-new Presidents Trivia I Have/Who Has Game for a measly buck and a quarter, a whopping 65% off our regular price of $3.50.

You probably have 5 quarters spinning in the bottom of your washing machine right now. Or look under the couch cushions. It doesn't matter if they are sticky! Or pass up that doughnut that you shouldn't eat anyway, and you will have a game you can play with your students every February forevermore.

It's a fun mix of ki 
d-friendly facts like "What toy was named after Theodore Roosevelt?" to information every citizen should know. Like George Washington, we cannot tell a lie: Presidents Trivia I Have/Who will delight and inform students across the nation. 

Buy it today! Use it all month!    Now Only $1.25
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President Trivia I Have Who Has Game

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