Saturday, April 8, 2017

Is your teenager being taken advantage of by their employer?

A summer or part-time job is a rite of passage for most teens. I've watched my three kids gain confidence and experience through an assortment of minimum wage positions. What I've also watched is each of them get screwed by their employers, either accidentally or on purpose.

It really burns me. Teens are often not in a position to question their bosses, are afraid of losing their jobs if they complain, or are simply ignorant of their rights. Here are a few of my kids' experiences:

·        Had a shift cancelled last-minute because work was slow, with no pay

·        Had to work without breaks or meals

·        Mislabeled as an independent contractor to benefit the employer

·        Underpaid for hours worked

I am convinced that if teens and their parents knew workers' rights, this illegal behavior would not be tolerated. We developed a Jeopardy game based on 2017 California labor laws to teach kids their basic employee rights. The game "Employee Rights Jeopardy" is a perfect end-of-the-school-year activity for any grade or subject that has students in or entering the job market. It is also great for generating discussion about how to handle work-related problems.

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